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1 October
Ladismith Cheese 7weekspoort MTB & TR 2022
22 October
Dust4Glory Obstacle Challenge 2022

Hops Festival MTB Team NIGHT Relay

Hops Festival MTB Team NIGHT Relay

MTB Team lap racing

Saturday 28 February 2015
(Race Start: 19h00)

Event Duration:
2 hours

Starts from 3PM Saturday 28 February 2015

Race Fee:
R75/rider (All ages) - includes Entrance Fee to Hops Festival

Race Categories:
Male, Female and Mixed teams of 2, 3 or 4 members

Prize Purse:
R9000, 1st - R1500, 2nd - R1000, 3rd - R500 for each category.

Lucky Prizes:
Lucky prizes to be won as well

Each cyclists taking part will receive a medal on completion of at least one lap of the Relay

Online Entries:
Online Entries will be open on 3 February 2015 (All online entrants receive a Goody Bag)

Route Distance:
2.7km (i.e each lap will be 2.7km)

Contact Details:
Fred Lingenfelder fred.lingenfelder@gmail.com / 076 029 1796 &
Juan Botes juan@chaingangevents.co.za / 0716787147


Each Rider must have a:
Bike light
Bike in working order

Race Rules:

  • Teams must register all their riders at registration (riders are not allowed to be added once the race starts)
  • All RELAY team members must use the same team name in registration – preferably they must come and register together.
  • To have your laps/points count toward your team total you must be registered as part of a team.
  • Do not roll/ride around in front of the lap arch where the laps are counted / lap penalties will be deducted from your team total.
  • Relay transitions have to take place in the official “RELAY HUB” only. This area will be well marked and transitions explained prior to the race start. NO Transitions are allowed outside of the “RELAY HUB” area. If a rider has a mechanical, he/she has to complete the lap on foot.
  • For safety no rider is allowed to go “against the traffic”, i.e. once the rider exit the “RELAY HUB” he has to complete the lap in the same direction. A team will be disqualified if a team member goes “against the traffic”.
  • Riders can wear any type of outfit (nudity and offensive clothing excluded). Themed riders are encouraged and spot prizes will be awarded to the most “original” outfits on the day. Helmets are compulsory and bikes have to be roadworthy.

EVERYONE on the team must use the same TEAM Name. Whatever your Team name is for the day – and this can be whatever you want it to be – it has to be the same for all team members.

Please do not use the same team name as another team. In other words, if there are 4 teams coming from your club/company, make sure that all four teams have a different name for the event. This can be as simple as adding a “1? “2? or “3 ? to the end of each team’s name or getting all creative and stuff.

This event is meant to be a good time and fun way to enjoy the Hops Festival whilst still being active. Each lap is worth 1 point. Prizes are allocated according to the most points. There are prizes for the first three male, female and mixed teams.

  1. Team members may complete as many laps as they want.
  2. Every team must consist of two, three or four members.
  3. Teams may start their last lap up until the clock hits 2:00:00 after the start. As long as the previous rider crosses the transition line at 1:59:59 (elapsed time) the next team member in registration order may race a final lap.
  4. Don’t litter. If you’re caught littering then your team will be disqualified. Yes, the top of a gel packet counts as littering. The littering law extends to the pits and rest of the festival venue and not just the trails. Pack in what you packed out. If trash is left after the race we will disqualify that team from the race.
  5. Don’t bug the results people while they are working during the race or after the race while they are tabulating the final results. The less distractions, the quicker the results.
  6. The Race Director decision is final in relation to all race queries.

Hops Festival Map

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