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27 May
2022 Langkloof 3 Day Trail Run
1 October
Ladismith Cheese 7weekspoort MTB & TR 2022
22 October
Dust4Glory Obstacle Challenge 2022





Start with Paddle from Touw River Mouth to Island Lake

For the winter event we start with the paddle from the Touw River mouth to Island Lake. The reason for this is the two mountain bike legs are going to be longer and a bit harder than the summer legs were. This paddle section should take about an hour for the middle of the pack. There could be a bottle neck in some parts of this section as the paddlers negotiate some of the narrower parts of the Serpentine River. It will therefore be advantageous to put a bit of effort into the first part of the paddle so as to avoid any bottlenecks. Coming out of the Serpentine and entering Island Lake you will make a sharp left to ensure you take the shortest line to the transition point at the western end of the picnic area to bikes.

Island Lake

The Serpentine can deliver a curved ball depending on the level of the river, so our advice is to use a craft with a flip up rudder which will help if there is reed in the river. This will give you a few extra seconds on those with fixed rudders. Remember, as with X Lakes Summer you can change your craft from the first to the second paddle legs. The MTB route will mean that the times to Pine Lake Marina are not going to be as quick on this leg as with X Lakes Summer but the seconds (or paddlers, if you are a team) will have to be fairly well versed in loading the canoe in order to ensure they get to Pine Lake Marina before the bikes do. As the second, you must take the N2 (which will in any case be quicker as it is the shorter route).

Bike to Pine Lake Marina

To Pine Lake Marina

This section is going to be awesome with at least one tough climb although you will be rewarded with more off road riding than with X Lakes Summer. This section will take the leaders about 40 mins. This section will consist of gravel roads and single track but the single track will not be technical. The cut off time to start this paddling leg is 12h00. This is because it is unlikely that you will finish by 18h00 if you have not started paddling by 12h00. No one missed the cut off in the X Lakes Summer.

Paddle from Pine Lake Marina to Karatra low water bridge

From Pine Lake Marina

This paddle section will be a similar length to the first section and will require you to paddle across Swartvlei to a buoy and then up the Karatra River. It is possible that there may be wind on Swartvlei as with X Lakes Summer and this can give rise to waves up to 30cm high or more. You will have to cross these waves at right angles so it will be imperative to choose your craft wisely. A K1 may not be the best choice unless you are very comfortable with the craft. You are allowed to substitute water craft so if you have chosen to use a K1 and you fall out at Swart Vlei you may be in for a long swim. Remember to use your splashy as this was the downfall of a few competitors for X Lakes Summer. Similarly if you choose a water craft that is too slow you may be out there for a long time. Ideal craft will be stable K1s for the experienced or surf skis although fast touring canoes can also be used.

Cycle from Karatra low water bridge to the Old Drift

To Old Drift

This section will have a different feel and flavor to it than with the X Lakes Summer. We are looking to incorporate more MTB riding which means taking the track less traveled. If it rains things could get muddy. Nevertheless the long up hill which takes you towards Karatra remains which then links up with the old George - Knysna road and ends with a long down hill down Phantom Pass. In between, is the not to be underestimated Homtini Pass. The route will mostly be gravel and there are no difficult technical sections of Mountain Biking. The down hill sections down the Homtini and Phantom Passes promise to be spectacular. This should take the average rider about 3 hours to ride.

Paddle from the Old Drift to Thesen Island

Thesen Island

This is the last paddle and will take the average paddler about 70 minutes to complete. There probably will be some head winds on the day and some boat traffic which will have to be taken into account. The current may also be with or against you and this will affect your time. As noted above there could be a significant waves up to 30+ cm high as you round the jetty near the finish. These will vary in height depending on the wind, tide and other boat traffic, therefore your craft choice will be critical. Your finish time will be taken when you or your team mate cross the line in the canoe. You will then be welcome to enjoy a well earned drink and relax at Tappas restaurant.

Transition Zones

This is where you are going to need to be quick if you are looking for a good time as with all these type of events, a race can be won or lost on the speed of transition. A word of warning, any speeding of vehicles (driving at more than 15km / h) within 1 kilometer of the actual transition zone will result in immediate disqualification. Also note that the second driving the car must use the N2 and not follow the cyclists along the back road. Marshals will be placed at various points to check that no vehicles second their cyclists. All seconding must be done at the transition points.

Required equipment

This is not a complete list and each participant should be aware that he/she needs to plan according to his/her race-plan. The list below is compulsory and will be checked by marshals. If the participant does not have the equipment with him, he/she will be disqualified.

  • Paddling legs
    1. Approved Personal Floating Device (PFD) that will support the individuals’ weight in the water.
    2. Waterproof Cellphone or normal Cellphone in waterproof pouch that WORKS!
    3. Fluids to drink (Camelback or container that are connected to the paddler/boat)
    4. If a K1 is used, a minimum of 10 liters of boat buoyancy
    5. Participants wrist tag with emergency numbers (will be suppied)
    6. A whistle
    7. Warm clothes in dry bag or rain jacket
  • Cycle legs
    1. Helmet
    2. Cellphone that WORKS!
    3. Participants wrist tag with emergency numbers
    4. Puncture repair kit/spare tube


Race Details

MTB/Canoe Duathlon that can be done in a 2-man Team or Solo format. Four transition points.
Date: Saturday 13th July 2013
T shirt to the first 50 teams or individuals
Solo entry R 400.00
Team Entry R 500.00
Late Entry R 600.00

Start/Finish Venue and Registration

Late entries and registration Friday 12 July at Pine Lake Marina 16h00 - 19h00.
Saturday 13 July at the start in Wilderness 06h00-07h30.

Start: Saturday 13th July 2013: 8AM - Touw River Mouth
Finish: Saturday 13th July 2013: 6PM - Tappas Thesen Island Knysna
Lat: 34° 2'58.42"S / Long: 23° 2'52.69"E
Mid-race Cut-off: Saturday 13th July 2013, 12PM (Pine Lake Marina)

Contact and Information

Juan Botes - 0716787147 - juan@chaingangevents.co.za
Fax: 086 540 5815

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